Studio William Cochran - Catalytic Public Art for American Downtowns

The Shining Dark, Baltimore
Community Bridge, Frederick Maryland
Centennial Sculpture Park, Rochester, NY
The Merriweather Horns, Columbia Maryland
The Dreaming, Frederick Maryland
The Dream Pool, Frederick, Maryland
Two Roads, Silver Spring
Pillar of Fire, Washington
Torris, Alexandria, VA
Cornerstone, Rockville MD
Poets Walk, Rochester
Kardia, St. Louis MO
Desire Lines, Bethesda, MD
Oak Wisdom, Baltimore
A Handful of Keys, NY
The Lonesome Touch, Martinsburg, WV
Sky Loom
The Weaving Wall
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Speaking and Workshops

Note: The Story of Community Bridge on Youtube is a 30 minute documentary produced by Perspectives Group Media:

William Cochran often speaks at universities, colleges and conferences and conducts workshops in creativity, diversity, and other areas for corporate and educator groups. He introduces audiences to new ways of seeing and perceiving and is skilled at inspiring individuals with the creative power of their own minds, regardless of their background or field.

He recently spoke at the University of Virginia for the Jefferson Literary Society and was a featured speaker at the Design Excellence in Public Places Symposium for the Boston Society of Architects.

He has keynoted the International Association for Public Participation conference in Vancouver, B.C., the Communiversity Conference in London, and the National Conference for Dialogue and Deliberation in Alexandria, Virginia.

Comments appear below from recent program organizers. Contact Cochran Studio for more information.

The masterful artwork of William Cochran and his associates provides an appreciative, strength based process that has led to remarkable results for communities. As a trainer and facilitator of organizational development and change, I believe his work provides a vital link to the co-evolutionary search for the best in people, their communities, and the world around them.

–– Deborah S. Eibner, Senior Trainer, Dartmouth College

One of the most inspiring conference speakers I’ve heard . . . he brought the crowd to tears and generated a standing ovation, a first for us. A truly amazing demonstration of the power of diverse perspectives.
–– Douglas Sarno, Executive Director, International Association of Public Participation

This was an incredibly stimulating workshop with a powerful perspective-broadening impact on group of suburban, urban and rural school superintendents. The challenges to thinking and seeing that underlie the bridge project motivated them reexamine their current perspectives.
–– Dr. Harris Sokoloff, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education

At the National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation, William Cochran’s keynote presentation about the awe-inspiring Community Bridge project had everyone spellbound. The moving, extraordinary story of the bridge helped us to see the possibilities for our work in a new light.
–– Sandy Heierbacher, Director, 2002 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation

After 30 years as a teacher, I don’t look forward to in-service days, but this was fabulous, absolutely mesmerizing. His talk comes at people from all different angles, and it frees them to look at things differently. Very uplifting, very engaging, very enriching.
–– public school teacher and workshop participant

As a leadership trainer in the corporate world, I feel that every leader who wants to draw the best from themselves and others will appreciate the profound insights of this moving, high-impact presentation.
–– Denise Hall Brown, Director of Diversity for a Fortune 100 company

A moving example of many diverse voices woven a single statement of extraordinary eloquence. This inspiring presentation is of immense value everyone, but especially recommended for leaders, educators, and decision makers - present and future.
–– George R. Houston, Jr., President, Mount Saint Mary’s College

The incredible depth of William Cochran's public art initiatives is matched by the stunning imagery and flawless technique with which they are executed. For any audience contemplating extraordinary new possibilities for community transformation, this powerful presentation is a must.
–– Jerene Weitman, Director of Public Programs, The Heckscher Museum


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